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WCX Global Digital Currency Exchange platform offers long or short 100+ markets including your favorite stocks, currencies, cryptos, and indices. Just deposit bitcoin and start trading, with over 300x leverage margin and more than 190 countries.


Aquired: 2020
Based In: Switzerland
U.S. Clients: No
Minimum Deposit: 0.001 BTC

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WCX is a global digital currency exchange founded in 2017 by ex-Apple engineers. The platform has experienced record growth since it started, attracting traders from 190 countries with its speed, ease of use, and security.

WCX is unique in the trading world as it allows users to trade financial markets using just bitcoin (BTC). It combines the speed and trading experience of a cryptocurrency exchange with the broad range of markets typically offered by traditional brokers. Because it’s powered entirely by bitcoin and doesn’t rely on banks, WCX can trim the costs incurred by other platforms and pass on the savings to users in the form of 0 fees, high liquidity, and the lowest spreads in the industry.

In this review, we’ll discuss the key features that stand out when we use WCX.

WCX Trading Platform


Get start with WCX Global Digital Currency Exchange. Sign up with just an email and start using WCX Global Digital Currency Exchange Platform in minutes.

100+ markets

You can trade all kinds of markets including stocks, forex, indices, commodities, as well as dozens of popular crypto markets like BTC/USD, ETH/USD, and more.

0% fees

There are no fees to trade, deposit, or withdraw. Deposits are processed in BTC and credited in minutes. Withdrawals are also processed in BTC within minutes.

Practice trading

When opening an account, you can choose to skip ID verification and simply start demo trading. You get a 10 BTC demo balance and unlimited refills. This lets you test out the platform risk-free until you’re ready to trade for real.

Flexible leverage

Another WCX feature you probably won’t see elsewhere is flexible leverage. You can select the leverage you want to use on each individual trade you make, from 1x up to 300x. This is a welcome feature as compared to other platforms which simply lock you into one leverage level.


The trading dashboard is fast, fluid, and easy to use on both desktop and mobile. In particular, the charts are powerful and packed with dozens of drawing tools and technical analysis indicators.

WCX Trading Market


I’d be remiss not to mention the affiliate program, which offers 50% revenue share on traders you refer. This is one of the highest shares in the industry. Affiliate payments made to users instantly in BTC.


WCX mentions, their top priority is as security, which is no surprise given that they deal with cryptocurrency funds. Funds are stored in cold wallets for the most part and you can choose to enable 2-factor authentication on your account for an extra layer of security (which we recommend).

Customer support

Customer support is available 24/7 by email. They usually reply to inquiries within a few minutes.


Amatsu Soyonobu and Tagawa Hayashida found WCX, who come from Apple in California. They both are early bitcoin users and frustrated by the lack of real world use cases for the digital currency. So, in 2017, they left their jobs and set out to create WCX to let regular people trade the markets using bitcoin, with 0 fees. By 2020 Trade8 aquired WCX.




Q & A

Is WCX reliable?

Yes, WCX is based in Switzerland and has been in operation since 2017. It is led by staff with decades-long experience in both finance, crypto, and software engineering.

Is WCX a scam?

No, WCX is not a scam. It’s a Swiss-based trading platform and is strictly compliant with KYC/AML regulation both in Switzerland and abroad.

How does WCX make money?

WCX does not charge any fees for trading, deposits, or withdrawals. They make money with the spread (the difference between the bid and ask prices).

What’s the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC.

How do I open an account with WCX?

You can sign up with just an email here. You can start demo trading straight away, or verify your ID to deposit and trade for real.


By using bitcoin exclusively for trades, deposits, and withdrawals, WCX is able to offer one of the easiest and fastest ways to trade. Our review shows that the platform is well ahead of the competition with its 0 fees, super-fast trading dashboard, risk-free practice trading, and safety features.

You can start on WCX here.

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