CoinBene is a professional, secure, reliable, and trustworthy global digital assets trading platform, consequently, this offers an app, providing Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), and other cryptocurrencies to deposit, withdraw and trade.


Website :
Founded : 2017
Headquarters : Adelphi, Adelphi
Company size : 51-200 employees


CoinBene is the world’s leading trustworthy crypto assets platform with users coming from more than 200 countries worldwide offices established in Latin America, Europe, United States, Southeast Asia, covering nations including Brazil, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, China and many more.

CoinBene provides a multi-language interface for our users all around the globe. In fields such as crypto trading, and fiat trading. Since 2017, CoinBene has achieved the coveted Top 1 Status in 24hr trading volume globally.

CoinBene offers BTC, ETH, and USDT trading. In other words, it has provided services for hundreds of cryptocurrencies and tokens worldwide. On the other hand, it provides 24/7 multi-language support in Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, and more. So, the customer service team can resolve any issue in a professional and efficient manner.

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Making a CoinBene account is moderately straightforward. So, begin by choosing “Join” in the upper-right corner of the landing page. The alternative to join utilizing your email is the default, however, you can likewise join with your cellphone on the off chance that you lean toward it. To do this, don’t round out the shape with your email and secret key.

Rather, tap on “Cellphone” beneath the blue “Join” catch and on the right. Meanwhile, you should make a secret word that is somewhere in the range of six and 20 digits, including letters and numbers. As you make the secret word, the framework will disclose to you its quality, so you can alter it if essential.

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The trade page on CoinBene is like those from different stages, implying that you will discover most data precisely where you anticipate that it will be. On the left half of the page, you will discover all the digital currency sets recorded, indeed isolated by whether they incorporate USDT, ETH, or BTC.

There are three sections showing the coin in the combine, the esteem, and the rate change. On one side of this, you will see the market graph for the cryptographic money match you have chosen. Ideal over the diagram, you will see the current value, the reference value, the adjustment in percent, and the 24-hour volume.

Note that there is a low exchanging charge of 0.1 percent in the statement cash per exchange.

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Coinbene offers an invitation program. The user can invite their friends and colleagues to trade with Coinbene and Coinbene will share 30% of trading generated from users who invited, registered and made a trade.


CoinBene permits the alternative of extra security through Google Authenticator. Begin by downloading the application for Google Authenticator on your cell phone, by means of either the Google Play store or the Apple App Store. You can likewise discover download connections to this application on the “Guide FAQ” page on CoinBene.

Extra Security

Google Authenticator will create a verification code that is six digits long. Enter the code you are given. Remember that SMS verification codes will expire in 10 minutes, while email verification codes expire in 30. Google Authenticator codes expire in just 30 seconds.


Coinbene is a company based in Adelphi and currently have 51-200 employees.




Q & A

How to sign up?

  1. Click the“sign up” on the upper right corner after opening
  2. You can sign up CoinBene accounts with your emails or cell-phone numbers according to the guidance.
  3. After you click” sign up”, you will receive an email verifying your registered email. If you can’t find the email even though you have checked in your spam box, you can send an email to contact our official customer service for the issue.
  4. Click the “email verification” link in your registered email to complete the verification.

How to Deposit?

Make a deposit

You can find coins/tokens listing in”account-deposit” and create the depositing address for the first time. For example, if you want to deposit BTC to your CoinBene account, there will be a BTC depositing address after you click” deposit address” at the BTC depositing list.

You can copy the depositing address or scan its QR Code directly for withdrawing from other platforms or wallet address. After you complete the deposit, you can see the depositing record below the page.

There are different minimum depositing limitations for different token/coins. It will not be credited in your balance if the amount you deposit is less the limitation.

Can’t locate your coins/tokens in your CoinBene account?
Please contact official customer services if it has been an abnormal long time since you transferred tokens/coins. Our official email address is [email protected]. Our official Telegram group is

How to self-help to know the depositing progress?
You can copy the depositing address directly and past it to block explorer for confirming(address bellow FYI)

Deposit coins/tokens to the wrong addresses?
Normally, they can’t help to find back your coins/tokens if you deposited them to wrong addresses by mistake.
It will cost us a lot of energy to find back the coins/tokens. If they can control the cost to find your lost coins/tokens, they will.

Please contact official customer services to describe your issue clearly and provide your CoinBene account, types of coins/tokens, addresses, amount, TXID(Txhash) and related screenshot.

  • Can’t be credited because of the minimum depositing limitation?

You can confirm the single minimum depositing limitation on the deposit pages for token/coins.

How to Withdraw?

  1. Click “account-withdraw” after logging in your account.
  2. Choose the coin/token pages which you want to withdraw.
  3. Input your amounts, addresses, pin and 2FA code, please. After you submit the request, they will process it in ten minutes.

Don’t receive your coins/tokens?

There are three parts for transferring coins/tokens For example being released by CoinBene-being confirmed in blockchain-being credited in the counter platform.

Firstly, the TXID(Txhash) will be created in ten minutes, which means they have released the coins/tokens to blockchain.

Next Step

In Addition, surface the block explorer for checking the confirmation amount.

Finally, if the block explorer shows “pending” or no confirmations, please wait for confirming. If the block explorer shows enough confirmation amount but you still have not received your coins/tokens, after that please contact the recipient platform for locating your coins/tokens.

Wrong or no Tag/Memo/PaymentID?

If you forget to fill your Tag/Memo/Payment ID or fill wrongly, Please email this information to [email protected]
1). Your Tag/Memo/Payment ID :

2). Your CoinBene account email (the account you are trying to deposit coins/tokens too):
3). The coins/tokens amount you are trying to transfer:
4). The withdrawing address:
5). The depositing address:
6). The TXID:
7). Attach screenshots of withdrawing/depositing pages.


CoinBene is a newer exchange which has shot up the rankings of exchanges by volume, however currently, it is listed 12th on CoinMarketCap with over $350 million in trade volume.

This is remarkable, and undoubtedly down to their CONI token. In other words trader will receive 100 percent of trading fees back in Coni and Holders of the token rewarded with a percentage of the exchange’s trading fees.

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