ChangenowInstant Crypto Exchange

What is ChangeNOW?

ChangeNOW is a simple and fast instant crypto exchange service. You do not need to register, and your exchange will have no limits. We’ll quickly convert more than 170 coins for you without charging any additional or hidden fees.

How does ChangeNOW work?

ChangeNOW is integrated into multiple cryptocurrency trading platforms, including Binance, Bitfinex, Huobi, and OKEx. At the moment of the trade, we’ll choose the best exchange rate on the market at any given moment and offer it to you.

Why trust?

Created by a team of experienced blockchain developers, ChangeNOW is a fully secure service with a twist — we’re completely registration-free. This allows our clients to avoid identification or financial theft. We offer the best rates on the market, as we use reliable cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Buy Crypto With Fiat

Can I buy cryptocurrency with fiat through ChangeNOW?

Yes, you can buy cryptocurrency with a USD/EUR card. This feature is brought to you by our third-party partner service, Simplex.

What fees are there for purchasing crypto with USD/EUR card on ChangeNOW?

This feature is brought to you by our partner, Simplex. Simplex chargers 5% for each purchase (at least $10). ChangeNOW charges 1% for such purchases. The network fees are applied as usual depending on the currency.

Why does the minimum amount for purchasing crypto with a bank card amount to $50?

It is a requirement of our crypto purchase provider, Simplex. The amount is chosen based on the network fees and some extra expenses that they cover for you.

Are there any upper limits when purchasing crypto with a bank card on ChangeNOW?

Yes, there are some. The purchase must be up to $20000; the daily purchase limit is $20000 and the monthly purchase limit is $50000 per person.

Why to buy BTC during the process of purchasing crypto on ChangeNOW?

This is the solution that we’ve come up with to provide our customers with a wider range of coins that you can buy with a bank card — as our provider Simplex supports fewer currencies for direct purchase.

What card can I use to buy crypto on ChangeNOW?

Your card must comply with the requirements of our purchase provider, Simplex: the card must be issued by VISA or MasterCard. It may be a pre-paid (make sure to check if your prepaid card is eligible for crypto related purchases).
Wire transfers, American Express and Discover cards are not accepted.

Can I use pre-paid cards to buy crypto on ChangeNOW?

Yes, you can. There are several requirements from our fiat purchase provider, Simplex: your pre-paid card must be eligible for international transactions; it must be enrolled in the 3DSecure program; your pre-paid card issuer must allow cryptocurrency-related transactions.