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Hey Cryptocurrency Enthusiast,

Welcome to Pocket Bitcoin Guide – The Community of Cryptocurrency Lovers.

Pocket Bitcoin Guide is a cryptocurrency publication for beginners & advanced users to stay updated with the growing digital currency industry.

Pocket Bitcoin Guide was started with the aim to bridge the information gap between the general public and current users of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Initially, we planned to start a Bitcoin-only portal, but with time, we realized how important it is to keep ourselves updated with news about all cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.

I was get fascinated about BTC since from its origin but spend more time to learn things behind Bitcoin, here I am trying to share information which I think that really useful for general public. I saw many of users still don’t have understand potential of Bitcoins ground breaking technology. Already Blockchain is considered as one of the revolutionary technology ever invented.

I personally strongly believe in technology which can give more possibilities to enhance life of human by serving in better way. Blockchain is really innovative technology, having potential to change upcoming business era.


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