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Dear Internet User,

I am really fascinated about cryptocurrency.

It doesn't matter who I am ?


Important is Future of Bitcoin(Altcoin/Cryptocurrency/Digital Currency)!


Bitcoin is decentralized digital currency and no one own this. It is open source. Bitcoin brings real revolution in economy. Bitcoin gives strong security, transparency and trust. And It is Global traded currency with lowest transaction fee. Bitcoin have lots of features, one of them is Instant transaction. These were few words about bitcoin.


And I’ve been with Bitcoin since it's rise, I’ve started in 2012. I consider myself an opportunist, because since bitcoin started it has not much value but from 2013 it raised. And reached to $1100+ per 1 BTC

Exchange rate was quite high and still it is high compare to USD. Now a days bitcoin have maintained its value for sure.


Now you will think how to get bitcoin?


You are at right place where you can learn to get more than 1 BTC weekly.

Imagine for few bucks you will get a secret which takes you to next level of World's Economy.


Already its proved that Bitcoin have great future. And as cryptography is big and vast topic of science, there are other cryptocurrencies also available like as Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dashcoin, Peercoin, Primecoin, Ethereum and so many. All these currencies have certain value in exchange. Out of all these cryptocurrencies Bitcoin have highest exchange value in market. Its because Bitcoin is master/prime currency in cryptomarket globally.


Well, Here you will learn few easy things that can give you 1+ BTC per week. To earn bitcoin many people do many tasks even get success but, bitcoin is anonymous currency so there are many chances of scamming.

Here you will get only genuine ways to get bitcoin.

I have put all things together in this tutorial, to guide you how to earn 1 BTC every single week. It doesn't matter you are new to Bitcoin or already known about it, and it also doesn't matter what skills you have, from now on you will learn to earn 1 BTC every single week!

Alright so let's start…


Buy with Bitcoin


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Pocket Bitcoin Guide.


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