Coindata : Trading Signals

About Coindata

Coindata.IO is a volume based trading tool with several great features that other apps don’t have. On the contrary of Forex trading, in the Bitcoin / Altcoin world you can see trading volumes on the exchanges.

Why volume matters?

You can see the whales’ trading intentions through the volume they trade: buy / sell walls appearing / disappearing, preparing to pump or dump the actual coin you trade.


  • A big table with every coins in one place traded on Poloniex and Bittrex
  • Actual volume of every ticker on the exchanges (Poloniex, Bittrex supported at the moment)
  • Past daily trading volumes
  • Past average buy / sell volumes
  • Buy / sell volume changes in percentage
  • Low / High prices of every coins
  • Daily price change
  • Price excursion: check if price already spiked up / down or if it’s in accumulation state
  • Jump to the relevant exchange page to begin trading
  • 4 hours and 30 minutes candlestick charts with live data
  • Buy / sell volume chart
  • Notification if a coin is probably being pumped
  • Access to private Twitter account so you are notified about a pump almost immediately
  • These all features in a nice, mobile friendly view – however at least full-hd (1920×1080 pixels) resolution is recommended on a 24″ desktop screen for the best user experience
  • Anonymous transactions and operations: don’t log IP addresses, don’t ask for your e-mail address, phone number, don’t store any sensitive data about you
  • Almost live data for subscribers: table refreshes every 1-2 minutes. Visitors see delayed data.

How to use?

You can check the data of every in a table, coloured out the most important of them. These are the volume changes in the last days and hours. You can order the rows based on your needs, check the 4H / 30M candlestick charts, volumes and you can jump to the exchange site if you wish to trade with one click. When several variables meet, you can see at the end of the row that the coin is being pumped. Jump on the boat or wait, it’s up to you. Just don’t forget to make your own analysis before buying up the coin. This is an automated system with no intervention and it’s like humans, sometimes makes mistakes. Like in Forex, whales rule this world, so be cautious, do not put more money into any crypto you can afford to lose!


The site only notifies you when a specific coin is probably being pumped! It won’t track the organic / linear rise and can’t follow the price spikes that happen when someone buys the order book all the way up in 30 seconds. If you want to trade “normally”, this tool is not for you. However watching everything in one place makes trading easier.


Don’t forget, pumps usually last a few hours, 1 day max. Don’t be greedy, go for small profit (20-40% is fair enough compared to Forex 1-2%), trade frequently, don’t hold position for days. TAKE PROFIT and DON’T LOOK BACK! Wait for another opportunity. Pumps happen almost every day, don’t be afraid, you won’t miss them.