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At first glance, doesn’t appear to be just another dice site because it does have a feature of its own worth paying attention to: the completed roll is displayed in a LED graphic, with a different color depending if you win or not. Keep reading this review to see what this site has more to offer.


Rollin is a dice site although it does not seem to look like one at first glance. The virtual LED digital display looks like some timer but it is actually what indicates if you win or lose. It serves as the indicator for the completed rolls. It shows numbers in different colors, green for a win and red when you lose. It features an aesthetically and functionally pleasing interface that you rarely see or you may have not seen before.  The system for betting is not complicated. Even better, the system is provably fair. If you have been to many dice sites before, you might think that Rollin is offering something that rolls most of the advantageous features of these sites into one compelling bitcoin gaming site.

You will not find a long list of winners on the homepage here, unlike what other dice sites have been accustomed to doing. Moreover, the game mechanics are very simple. You just have to place a bet and then decide whether the result will be high or low. That’s all there is about the game play. It’s simple and easy, just like how dice games are meant to be. Rollin provides dice gambling enthusiasts an excellent option.

Why Rollin
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Provably Fair Gaming Platform
Payment Service

Rollin, for now, only accepts bitcoins. For those who don’t have bitcoin wallets and bitcoins yet, the site recommends getting them from Coinbase, Blockchain, Bitstamp, BTC-e, and Localbitcoins. The team behind Rollin will also provide assistance to those  who may have difficulties setting up their bitcoin wallets and getting bitcoins through email support (

There are no limitations imposed on deposits. However, 1 confirmation is required before the deposit is credited to your account.

When it comes to withdrawals, a minimum of 1 mBTC is required. There is no maximum withdrawal amount set but a transaction fee of at least 0.1 mBTC will be charged. Also, 2 confirmations are needed to process a withdrawal.

Rollin’s official FAQ page states that a maximum payout of 6,900 mBTC is set for each individual bet.

If you are new to the site or the concept of playing an online dice game in general, be sure to check out Rollin’s Tutorial and Rules by clicking on their respective buttons on Rollin’s homepage. They are javascript popup boxes so we can’t link them here. Also, ascertain that you check out the FAQ page before you send inquiries or contact customer support. The answers you are looking for might already be there. Most importantly, don’t forget to read the site’s Terms of Service to be fully aware of this gambling site’s rules, policies, and service conditions. You can also learn about the site’s promotions through the Promotions page.

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