Virtual Card for Your Bitcoins

Coinizy makes online shopping easy for everyone

Get your virtual VISA© debit card for 0.5$, in 10 seconds with Coinizy. Buy and load your card using the cash payment methods you like the most.

What is Coinizy ?

Coinizy is one of convenient site for en-cashing your bitcoins directly to your OKPAY, MASTERCARD, PAYPAL, WESTERNUNION,OR BANKWIRE TRANSFER..Coinizy is a bitcoin-to-fiat only exchange,they DONT retain bitcoins in anticipation of further bitcoin withdrawals, like some bitcoin exhange site do. When you convert your bitcoin , they’re instantly sold for dollars that goes directly to our bank account.

Most convenient is to use their virtual debit card, and what good about coinizy is the No KYC documents are required in order to buy and use the Virtual Coinizy Visa Debit Card.

About Coinizy


Coinizy has been founded by Yannick Losbar, a seasonned entrepreneur who has worked for several years in various sectors of the payment industry such as payment processing, digital (but not yet decentralized!) currencies, and premium phone billing (Voice/SMS+).

In 2011, he launched one of the first “Mobile phone credit to Paypal” services in the world, NoelCash, to enable teenagers and other unbanked populations to fund their PayPal accounts in a quick and easy way. Following the sale of NoelCash in 2014, he discovered the world of bitcoin and realized how inconvenient the existing buying/selling methods were.

Yannick has since made several appearances and lectures at bitcoin conferences such as Inside Bitcoin and contributed for several months to CryptoCoinNews while working on the release of Coinizy.

Demo for Coinizy Account

Coinizy’s review

Coinizy prides itself on providing transparent and comprehensible fees for their visa virtual cards only. They only provide cards in US dollar (USD) and only accept payments in Bitcoin.

Compare all of Coinizy’s Bitcoin Virtual Debit Cards

Coinizy CardWithout Identity VerificationWithout Identity Verification
Lifetime cumulated loads$2500Unlimited
Maximum card balance$2500Unlimited
Maximum purchases value per dayUnlimitedUnlimited
Maximum number of purchases per dayUnlimitedUnlimited
Maximum loading value per day$2500$20000
Maximum number of loads per day25
Maximum value of each load$2500$10000

Coinizy Services and Fees

Coinizy ServicesCoinizy Fees
Card activationInstant & Free
Card loading using CoinizyFree
Monthly management fee$1.00 per month
Fee per USD purchaseFree for all purchases
Fee per non-USD purchase3%

Advantages of Coinizy

  • PayPal Compatible – Verify your PayPal account or use your card as a funding method when paying using PayPal.
  • No identification required -We do not need any Identity documents (KYC) until you deposit more than $2500 to your card.
  • Cross-platforms Web panel, iOS and Android apps: Keep your Coinizy card with you, wherever you are.
  • 99,99% merchant acceptance – Amazon, AliExpress, Uber… You name it. Your card can be used anywhere VISA© is accepted.
  • Instant approval – Instant card delivery A real VISA© virtual card delivered in 10 second.
  • Worldwide availability – The card can be issued in 130 countries. Coinizy cards can be bought from 130 countries.

Anyone Can use Coinizy Virtual Debit Cards Worldwide everywhere VISA© is accepted.


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