Cashaa is the first online Over-The-Counter platform with private Bitcoin Auctions 24/7.


Person to Person Person to Person
Real Time Bidding Real Time Bidding
Just Cash No Bank/Credit Card Just Cash No Bank/Credit Card
No Fees, Always Free No Fees, Always Free
10$ in BTC Signup Bonus 10$ in BTC Signup Bonus
10$ in BTC for Every Friend 10$ in BTC for Every Friend

Good to Know

Tracking your deals Tracking your deals
You can always track the status of your transaction and update you bid value in real time
Real Bonuses Real Bonuses
You will use immediately the signup and referral bonus in your deals
Guarantees in hand Guarantees in hand
Cashaa escrow deposit is seller’s and buyer’s mutual guarantee that the deal will be concluded successfully
Verified Accounts Verified Accounts
In order to trade on Cashaa every buyer and seller is required to enter and verify an email account and a mobile phone number
Automated refund Automated refund
If you follow the rules and anything goes wrong you will receive automated full refund to you wallet, no questions about it. Cashaa will not even charge you the blockchain transaction fees
Customer Support Customer Support
No worries, Cashaa gives you detailed guidelines during the transaction process and internal ticketing system to address and solve any issue
You are Completely Safe and Secured

COMODO Hackers proof site

Account Safety From Cross site Request Forgery, XSS

2 Factor Authentication for BTC wallets added to user account

Data & Password Encryption

Complete Privacy, No US Server, No ID Card

Backed By Amazon Infrastructure.