Bitcoin Mining with Industry Leader

Hashing24 make industrial mining accessible for everyone. You get access to the newest and most advanced technologies in the industry, provided by the leading companies.

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Hashing24 provides turnkey renting solutions from the largest bitcoin mining data centers.

  • Official reseller of industry leading companies
  • Data centers in Iceland and Georgia
  • The newest ASIC chips
  • Air and immersion cooling technology
  • Ultimate performance at low cost
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Payout is based on overall network hashrate.

Maximum Efficiency

Efficiency is what drives the margins in Bitcoin transaction processing. As more miners compete to find a block the difficulty of the network rises respectively. When the network reaches the saturation point, the miners who are most efficient will make the most profit. The modern ASIC chips from BitFury deliver the maximum performance and efficiency possible.

Hashing24 was made by professionals for individuals who want to get involved in bitcoin mining.

Here explained how this process actually works


What Hashing24 offers

  1. Stable Hashpower 100% Uptime
  2. Mining with BitFury – Industry Leader
  3. Instant Deposit of Coins to Your Wallet
  4. Legit Mining – All Coins are Newly Generated
  5. Maximum Efficiency with High End Equipment

One-time Activation

Once you successfully purchase a host on, you are eligible to keep earning for life. This means a single investment of about $100 could be your gateway to a lifetime opportunity of earning on daily basis. The only thing required to enjoy this is a daily maintenance fee of $0.00057 per GH/s and this is not much when compared to what one stands to benefit. You don’t need to pay this yourself from your wallet since automatic deductions will be made from your account balance. However, if your account balance is not enough to pay the maintenance fee, you are free to send it from your bitcoin wallet to prevent your account from being deactivated. If you ever find yourself in this situation, just take it that you are investing for the future and you can be certain that before long, your earnings from the company will far exceed the little daily maintenance fees. Remember it’s a sacrifice worth paying for an account that is to last forever.

Stellar (XLM) Promotional Giveaway

Integrate Stellar to move money quickly, reliably, and at no cost.

Stellar proved how indicatively we can use blockchain technology for better living globally.

Stellar gives you platform enabling many of features and futures for accepting payments globally.


Stellar connecting banks, payments systems, and people. With a team of top technology and finance professionals, is a nonprofit that connects people to low-cost financial services to fight poverty and develop individual potential.

Platforms, not products, are the way to bring financial services to the poor. Mobile money from one provider can rarely be transferred to another network, let alone to another country in a different currency. The first thing you’ll need to do anything on the Stellar network is an account. Accounts hold all your money inside Stellar and allow you to send and receive payments—in fact, pretty much everything in Stellar is in some way tied to an account.

How to get Stellar Account ?

Every Stellar account has a public key and a secret seed. Stellar uses public key cryptography to ensure that every transaction is secure. The public key is always safe to share—other people need it to identify your account and verify that you authorized a transaction. The seed, however, is private information that proves you own your account. You should never share the seed with anyone. It’s kind of like the combination to a lock—anyone who knows the combination can open the lock. In the same way, anyone who knows your account’s seed can control your account.

You can also check how to get your stellar account.

Ones you create your account get some Free XLM. You must have to join MyStellar Forum to stay update about new promotions.

XML Giveaway Promotions

Centaurus Giveaway
Free 100 XLM
Stellar Project 3500 XLM

Feel Free To Donate lumens (XLM)

Send Via Scanning QR Code
Send Via XLM Address

More Information


Coindata : Trading Signals

About Coindata

Coindata.IO is a volume based trading tool with several great features that other apps don’t have. On the contrary of Forex trading, in the Bitcoin / Altcoin world you can see trading volumes on the exchanges.

Why volume matters?

You can see the whales’ trading intentions through the volume they trade: buy / sell walls appearing / disappearing, preparing to pump or dump the actual coin you trade.


  • A big table with every coins in one place traded on Poloniex and Bittrex
  • Actual volume of every ticker on the exchanges (Poloniex, Bittrex supported at the moment)
  • Past daily trading volumes
  • Past average buy / sell volumes
  • Buy / sell volume changes in percentage
  • Low / High prices of every coins
  • Daily price change
  • Price excursion: check if price already spiked up / down or if it’s in accumulation state
  • Jump to the relevant exchange page to begin trading
  • 4 hours and 30 minutes candlestick charts with live data
  • Buy / sell volume chart
  • Notification if a coin is probably being pumped
  • Access to private Twitter account so you are notified about a pump almost immediately
  • These all features in a nice, mobile friendly view – however at least full-hd (1920×1080 pixels) resolution is recommended on a 24″ desktop screen for the best user experience
  • Anonymous transactions and operations: don’t log IP addresses, don’t ask for your e-mail address, phone number, don’t store any sensitive data about you
  • Almost live data for subscribers: table refreshes every 1-2 minutes. Visitors see delayed data.

How to use?

You can check the data of every in a table, coloured out the most important of them. These are the volume changes in the last days and hours. You can order the rows based on your needs, check the 4H / 30M candlestick charts, volumes and you can jump to the exchange site if you wish to trade with one click. When several variables meet, you can see at the end of the row that the coin is being pumped. Jump on the boat or wait, it’s up to you. Just don’t forget to make your own analysis before buying up the coin. This is an automated system with no intervention and it’s like humans, sometimes makes mistakes. Like in Forex, whales rule this world, so be cautious, do not put more money into any crypto you can afford to lose!


The site only notifies you when a specific coin is probably being pumped! It won’t track the organic / linear rise and can’t follow the price spikes that happen when someone buys the order book all the way up in 30 seconds. If you want to trade “normally”, this tool is not for you. However watching everything in one place makes trading easier.


Don’t forget, pumps usually last a few hours, 1 day max. Don’t be greedy, go for small profit (20-40% is fair enough compared to Forex 1-2%), trade frequently, don’t hold position for days. TAKE PROFIT and DON’T LOOK BACK! Wait for another opportunity. Pumps happen almost every day, don’t be afraid, you won’t miss them.

Whaleclub : Bitcoins Trading Market

In this opportunity we give an overview of our experience using this service, which – unlike many others in the market – uses a digital currency as the main currency for the conduct of commercial operations.

Whaleclub is a platform exclusively designed for the exchange of currencies and digital currencies, whose operation is very similar to other platforms on the market. However, it presents a fundamental difference in relation to similar proposals, and is that it works exclusively using Bitcoin as currency to carry out the respective commercial operations.

In the words of Jessica Lee – director of business relations – during an interview with the Brave New Coin news portal, Whaleclub’s idea began to be something very different from what it is today, since despite being operational since Much earlier, was precisely in the month of October 2015 when it was launched with the bulk of its properties that remain until today. Previously the platform was simply or just looked like a BTC browser in which the prices of the Cryptomoneda could be monitored in various markets, and compare the economic indicators associated with it in relation to those related to other currencies, both legal and digital .

Among many important aspects that can be highlighted from the platform, perhaps the most important entry is the fact that when trading directly with Bitcoin users do not need to manage anything beyond an external BTC purse offered by the exchange service. This model of operations leaves aside the need for its users to give large amount of personal data since it only requires an email and a password as the only mandatory data. It is not necessary to have bank accounts, since the operations will be processed exclusively with digital assets. Likewise, it is not affected by regulations and legal frameworks that traditionally apply to the handling of legal tender assets.

The company is headquartered in Hong Kong and is under the management of Whaleclub Limited. According to Petar Zivkovski – area operations director – and Jessica Lee, the original goal behind the creation of this platform is to make the exchange process a much more friendly and simple experience, translating into something that impacts and motivates Its simplicity being able to attract many users of Bitcoin.

Whaleclub History: An Innovative Proposal

As already mentioned, although the creators had a proposal to generate an exchange service, the platform originally started as a different project that was not far from proposals such as Bitcoin Wisdom – page that brings together a large number of indicators and graphics associated with the price Of the digital currency in different latitudes and markets. However, from October last year, after the incorporation of Zivkovki and Lee to the work team is that the service began to push more strongly its model of operations until seeing it realized.

After months of hard work, finally in January 2016 the exchange service officially opened its doors and managed to reach more than 7,000 users distributed in 160 countries. A month later, the platform had processed more than 100,000 operations with a volume of more than 10 million dollars.

In addition to the aforementioned individuals, the team has participants who have extensive experience in the field of cryptomonedas, such as Jenny Blanche, director of the area of ​​customer support; Christian Krause, head of security; And Ian Glindo, responsible for the area of ​​product development.

How does Whaleclub work?

The exchange platform is completely open so that until the moment its access is not restricted in any country, so that anyone interested can enter it and open an account without any minor complication.

To open an account on the platform you must follow a few simple steps. The first step is to have an email address and a password must be entered.

Whaleclub Signup

Once this is done, the platform takes us to another page where we must enter a username and one of our personal names to include within the emails sent by the page. Once this is done, the user must check the email with the confirmation code sent by Whaleclub and enable it by clicking on the respective link to enable our account within the exchange service.

Whaleclub Registration

Having completed the previous steps, you only have to return to the home page and enter our accounts with our data. In case the user so wishes, it can activate a system of verification of two factors which can provide a higher level of security to your account.

Once inside, a message of welcome to the platform appears with some general considerations to guide the user on the aspects and elements of which it can make use. A very interesting element is that the service asks if we prefer that our balances are shown in dollars or Bitcoin, making it very clear that this is an element clearly associated with the nomenclature since all operations are done exclusively with the digital currency.

As we can see, at first glance the page shows us some interesting options. If we go from left to right we can see that the platform endows the user with a series of economic indicators that are there to illustrate in relation to the exchange rates for crypto and for other currencies (incorporating indicators of high or low volatility). There are also other tabs, one related to proposals that some users make in relation to business strategies, and another that reports on the most emblematic news published in various digital media related to the economy of the digital currency.

The platform on the same screen has a chat where you can chat with other users online, either to share experiences or raise doubts.

Towards the center we find a graph associated with the indicator selected, ie if we want to follow the price of Bitcoin or another currency against the dollar, we just have to click on the option that contemplates its price. We also have different tools, among which the possibility to draw own lines and set alerts in case the indicators exceed or are below certain reference measures.

In addition to this type of view, the platform has an additional modality under which it can organize and present data related to the prices of the selected item. If we click on the associated indicator, the view changes from classic to “Turbo Mode”, which means that the market indicators are tracked second and second in a more precise and detailed way.

To add funds to the account, simply click on the deposits option and a small window will open in which we will have an address and a QR code, through which we can make the transfer for the amount of BTC assets desired since An external wallet or purse. The process is quite fast because when registering the transaction in Blockchain, the assets are already available in Whaleclub to do the negotiation. Keep in mind that the minimum quota to make purchase orders is at least 0.1 BTC (In case of being lower than the figure offered, a red indicator will appear at the top of the screen).

Purchase orders are made very similar to other exchange services such as Coinbase or Kraken. Users must set an offer and may assign indicators and / or warnings to alert in a timely manner in case the market is approaching the expected value.

In case of wanting to make a withdrawal of funds, this can be deducted from the positive balance with which it is counted in the page. For this, only the amount to be withdrawn should be indicated and provide an address to which to send the respective assets. In case the requested amount is higher than the one that is enabled (due to the fact that there are deposits yet to be fully confirmed), the transaction must be completed through the Blockchain to fully dispose of the respective funds.

Finally, the platform does not charge any type of commission for the operations carried out within it beyond the equivalent of 0.001 BTC for the withdrawals made.

As we could prove, Whaleclub is certainly a fairly friendly platform to conduct business operations. With the novelty of using Bitcoin as a negotiating currency, it prevents the user from carrying out cumbersome processes related to the linking of bank accounts and verification of documents. At the same time, it has a wide range of tools that facilitate the person to be able to follow up their purchase orders, while also allowing the commercial indicators to be constantly monitored. And the main advantage is that their access is not restricted to any country, so that interested people can take their business operations safely without having to be affected by the regulatory measures they apply in different nations.

For more information, we recommend that you access the website of the platform by clicking here.

Virtual Card for Your Bitcoins

Coinizy makes online shopping easy for everyone

Get your virtual VISA© debit card for 0.5$, in 10 seconds with Coinizy. Buy and load your card using the cash payment methods you like the most.

What is Coinizy ?

Coinizy is one of convenient site for en-cashing your bitcoins directly to your OKPAY, MASTERCARD, PAYPAL, WESTERNUNION,OR BANKWIRE TRANSFER..Coinizy is a bitcoin-to-fiat only exchange,they DONT retain bitcoins in anticipation of further bitcoin withdrawals, like some bitcoin exhange site do. When you convert your bitcoin , they’re instantly sold for dollars that goes directly to our bank account.

Most convenient is to use their virtual debit card, and what good about coinizy is the No KYC documents are required in order to buy and use the Virtual Coinizy Visa Debit Card.

About Coinizy


Coinizy has been founded by Yannick Losbar, a seasonned entrepreneur who has worked for several years in various sectors of the payment industry such as payment processing, digital (but not yet decentralized!) currencies, and premium phone billing (Voice/SMS+).

In 2011, he launched one of the first “Mobile phone credit to Paypal” services in the world, NoelCash, to enable teenagers and other unbanked populations to fund their PayPal accounts in a quick and easy way. Following the sale of NoelCash in 2014, he discovered the world of bitcoin and realized how inconvenient the existing buying/selling methods were.

Yannick has since made several appearances and lectures at bitcoin conferences such as Inside Bitcoin and contributed for several months to CryptoCoinNews while working on the release of Coinizy.

Demo for Coinizy Account

Coinizy’s review

Coinizy prides itself on providing transparent and comprehensible fees for their visa virtual cards only. They only provide cards in US dollar (USD) and only accept payments in Bitcoin.

Compare all of Coinizy’s Bitcoin Virtual Debit Cards

Coinizy CardWithout Identity VerificationWithout Identity Verification
Lifetime cumulated loads$2500Unlimited
Maximum card balance$2500Unlimited
Maximum purchases value per dayUnlimitedUnlimited
Maximum number of purchases per dayUnlimitedUnlimited
Maximum loading value per day$2500$20000
Maximum number of loads per day25
Maximum value of each load$2500$10000

Coinizy Services and Fees

Coinizy ServicesCoinizy Fees
Card activationInstant & Free
Card loading using CoinizyFree
Monthly management fee$1.00 per month
Fee per USD purchaseFree for all purchases
Fee per non-USD purchase3%

Advantages of Coinizy

  • PayPal Compatible – Verify your PayPal account or use your card as a funding method when paying using PayPal.
  • No identification required -We do not need any Identity documents (KYC) until you deposit more than $2500 to your card.
  • Cross-platforms Web panel, iOS and Android apps: Keep your Coinizy card with you, wherever you are.
  • 99,99% merchant acceptance – Amazon, AliExpress, Uber… You name it. Your card can be used anywhere VISA© is accepted.
  • Instant approval – Instant card delivery A real VISA© virtual card delivered in 10 second.
  • Worldwide availability – The card can be issued in 130 countries. Coinizy cards can be bought from 130 countries.

Anyone Can use Coinizy Virtual Debit Cards Worldwide everywhere VISA© is accepted.

AdBit Launches Earning Program


AdBit appreciates your contribution to community – it’s your community. So AdBit reward you for your contributions, your content to #LoveAdBit forum. Please notice that –

  • All bonus and reward payments will be made to your AdBit account once a week with the sole purpose to help AdBit to improve its services.
  • This is a pilot program that can be canceled at any time upon the feedback and experience AdBit receive. With your registration your are accepting this terms and conditions.

Here is how earning program works and you can earn your Bitcoins and Satoshis.

Adbit features anonymous auction based pricing for advertisers (like Google Adsense), and supports Bitcoin payments for both advertisers and publishers. Also gives free satoshi every hour to start advertising. Visit Faucet here.

Step 1: Verified Member & Bonus

To earn your “Verified Member Bonus” you have to do the following actions:

  1. Register with #LoveAdBit Forum with your AdBit Email address, WordPress or Twitter.
  2. Complete your #LoveAdBit Forum profile including your avatar (use or upload a picture) and your social media contacts. You need to have at least one social media account for a verified profile.
  3. Write a first blog post introducing yourself and/or your website and why you are here. A few sentences will do, in your native language if you want, doesn’t have to be English.
  4. Apply for the “Verified Member Bonus” with the application form.

That’s it. We check your application and your blog post. As soon as we approve your blog post we credit the “Verified Member Bonus” to your #LoveAdBit Forum account.

Terms of Payment for Verified Profile Bonus

As soon as we approve your blog post we credit the “Verified Member Bonus” to your #LoveAdBit Forum account. Your #LoveAdBit balance will be transferred once every week (Tuesday) to your AdBit account and can be spent for advertising or withdrawn.

Step 2: Activity Rewards

Once you are a verified member you can earn your Bitcoins in #LoveAdBit community. AdBit reward you for your ongoing contributions to the #LoveAdBit Forum.

AdBit reward you for every approved an published blog post, for every topic you generate, for every reply and other activities that you do or receive from others. Please have a look into Activity Reward Table to find out which activities are rewarded with how many Satoshis.

Such easy. go ahead, become an active member of #LoveAdBit and earn your money.

Please notice

  • Be careful when posting, commenting, replying. AdBit Forum want to have quality. Spamming or low quality may lead to the suspension of your “verified membership”.
  • Post only your own opinion and your personal thoughts that have not already been posted on other places. We want to have high quality content here in the AdBit forum. Please use links when referring to other blog posts and websites.

Terms of Payment for Activity Rewards

Payment is done once a week every Tuesday for the previous week. – Bitcoin Dice Game


At first glance, doesn’t appear to be just another dice site because it does have a feature of its own worth paying attention to: the completed roll is displayed in a LED graphic, with a different color depending if you win or not. Keep reading this review to see what this site has more to offer.


Rollin is a dice site although it does not seem to look like one at first glance. The virtual LED digital display looks like some timer but it is actually what indicates if you win or lose. It serves as the indicator for the completed rolls. It shows numbers in different colors, green for a win and red when you lose. It features an aesthetically and functionally pleasing interface that you rarely see or you may have not seen before.  The system for betting is not complicated. Even better, the system is provably fair. If you have been to many dice sites before, you might think that Rollin is offering something that rolls most of the advantageous features of these sites into one compelling bitcoin gaming site.

You will not find a long list of winners on the homepage here, unlike what other dice sites have been accustomed to doing. Moreover, the game mechanics are very simple. You just have to place a bet and then decide whether the result will be high or low. That’s all there is about the game play. It’s simple and easy, just like how dice games are meant to be. Rollin provides dice gambling enthusiasts an excellent option.

Why Rollin
The Rollin Game
Provably Fair Gaming Platform
Payment Service

Rollin, for now, only accepts bitcoins. For those who don’t have bitcoin wallets and bitcoins yet, the site recommends getting them from Coinbase, Blockchain, Bitstamp, BTC-e, and Localbitcoins. The team behind Rollin will also provide assistance to those  who may have difficulties setting up their bitcoin wallets and getting bitcoins through email support (

There are no limitations imposed on deposits. However, 1 confirmation is required before the deposit is credited to your account.

When it comes to withdrawals, a minimum of 1 mBTC is required. There is no maximum withdrawal amount set but a transaction fee of at least 0.1 mBTC will be charged. Also, 2 confirmations are needed to process a withdrawal.

Rollin’s official FAQ page states that a maximum payout of 6,900 mBTC is set for each individual bet.

If you are new to the site or the concept of playing an online dice game in general, be sure to check out Rollin’s Tutorial and Rules by clicking on their respective buttons on Rollin’s homepage. They are javascript popup boxes so we can’t link them here. Also, ascertain that you check out the FAQ page before you send inquiries or contact customer support. The answers you are looking for might already be there. Most importantly, don’t forget to read the site’s Terms of Service to be fully aware of this gambling site’s rules, policies, and service conditions. You can also learn about the site’s promotions through the Promotions page.

NiceHash : Advanced Cloud Mining

Service Overview

NiceHash offers you to sell and buy hashing power. Selling hashing power is as simple as connecting your miner to stratum mining pools while buyers can buy hashing power on demand, on pay-as-you-go basis. Unlike traditional, often failed investment based cloud mining services, NiceHash provides purely technological advanced cloud mining experience. As a buyer you can put quick orders and rent massive amount of hashing power, point it to a pool of your choice and mine Bitcoins or any other altcoins such as Litecoin, Dash and other emerging digital currencies. By taking advantage of variable coins mining difficulty and smart trading you can make great profits with hashing power, rented through NiceHash service. Get yourself some massive hashing power right now!


NiceHash is built on state-of-the art infrastructure with presence all over the globe. They’re offering two separate marketplaces: EUROPE and USA with high performance stratum servers. In addition to this they also provide super fast stratum proxies located in ASIA (Tokyo and Hong Kong). Goal is to bring service as close as possible to sellers (miners) and also to buyers target pools and thus provide excellent efficiency for hashing power sellers and hashing power buyers around the world. You’re also welcome to checkout how exactly service works by looking at FAQ of Nicehash Site.

For Buyers
For Sellers

Why use us to sell your hashing power?

  • Simple as using a multipool
  • Be paid more than any multipool pays
  • You are paid on pure no-risk PPS reward system
  • No contracts
  • Automatic payments in Bitcoins up to 4 times a day
  • No registration – just point your miner to our stratum proxy with your Bitcoin address as username
  • No limits – use as many rigs as you like
  • Transparency – know exactly how much are you earning at any time
  • No need to wait for unexchanged coins – you are paid in Bitcoins for every submitted share
  • Detailed statistics for up to past 7 days
  • Per worker statistics
  • Trustworthy service with all-time regular payments


Receive Bitcoin Payments Easily

Receive Bitcoin Payments

Receive Bitcoin Payments easily to your Payment Account

Receive Bitcoin Payments Easily.
Without any trouble or hassle.
Receive settlements to your bank, PayPal and using other methods.
Settlement to 120+ countries.

Accept payments with API

Accepting Bitcoin payments programmatically can be cumbersome at some times. Use our simple and straightforward API, and start accepting Bitcoin payments with no hassle. As soon as they hit 6th confirmation, Bitcoinside will pay you the equivalent in USD.

However, if you don’t want to receive bitcoin payments with API, you can also generate Bitcoin addresses (manually) at your Dashboard in a single click. Accept instantly, and receive a settlement to your favourite payment processor.

Integration with your site

Are you a website owner, and do you want to accept Bitcoins payments? Bitcoinside offers you the right and easy-to-use utility to receive bitcoin payments in 5 minutes or less. Accepting Bitcoin payments with Bitcoinside is truly easy.

Bitcoinside have proper tools to inform you about the payments, help them process instantly with no efforts and safely. Apart from that, your received Bitcoins would be converted to USD immediately at 6th confirmation and then you may be able to receive a settlement to your favourite payment processor.

You can get yourself able to receive bitcoin payments at your site in just a few lines as shown.

Withdrawals to 120+ countries

Accept Bitcoin payments using our platform with ease, and withdraw to your preferred payment option. Bitcoinside offer more than 5 payment options for your Bitcoin settlement. You can easily accept Bitcoin payments with ease, and withdraw them as soon as they hit 6 confirmations.

Bitcoinside services are available to more than 120 countries around the globe. Accept Bitcoin payments easily and safely with our API tools.

Bitcoinside programmatically calculate the rates ourselves. Bitcoinside do have to sell the Bitcoins at a lower late (right?), therefore Bitcoinside calculate the rates from our partners and then decide which one would be the most appropriate according to our trade engine.

Receive Bitcoin Payments

Bitjoy – Bitcoin Rewards Platform


Get Started with Bitjoy

Bitjoy is the world’s first bitcoin platform for mobile bitcoin rewards and in-app purchase.

BitjoyBitjoy, the world’s first bitcoin-based user engagement and in-app purchase platform for mobile app developers, enters public beta this month. With support for iOS, Android and Unity, Bitjoy empowers thousands of mobile app developers with the ability to accept bitcoin for in-app purchases and reward bitcoin to users completing engagements within their apps.



How to Get Started?

For Players

Android App and iPhone iOS

* Minimum Withdraw: 20000 Satoshi
* Fee: 10000 Satoshi

Bitjoy is a new btc earning platform, in which you can earn ONLY through playing Android/iOS games on your phone !

Right now there are 2 games available (2 on android and just 1 on iOS)

Now after registration download these games

Froggy80s shooters


Bitcoin Froggy is a twist on the latest “Road Crossing” genre of games. When you collect coins, you earn real Bitcoin! We utilize Bitjoy, a new service for apps that streams in-game payments to you as you complete objectives.

Beware of treacherous obstacles like saw blades and fireballs while collecting as much bitcoin as you can. Don’t go too slow or something… just… might… GET YOU.

80s Shooter

Fly through space blasting aliens in this throwback to  and earn real Bitcoin while doing it!

It’s easy, for every enemy you kill you get several coins and for every 100 coins you collect you’ll earn a bitcoin tip.
You don’t even need a bitcoin wallet to get going and see your rewards stack up! Our app utilizes Bitjoy, a new service that allows us to tip you during gameplay. What are you waiting for!? Download NOW FOR FREE!


For Developer

Create a Bitjoy developer account where you can configure your app.signup

Integrate one SDKs into your app.integrate
Reward your players for completing objectives or accept bitcoin for in-app purchases.sendreceive
Reward your players with bitcoin for completing objectives. Incentivize loyalty and create innovative new ways to retain users.
Players can get started without a bitcoin wallet. This reduces the friction for new players – especially those new to bitcoin.
Accept bitcoin for in-app purchases. Withdraw your app sales in minutes, not days.
All transactions are in bitcoin, but developers work with simple USD values.
Player-to-player tipping as well as player-to-developer tipping is built in.
Send and receive bitcoin in amounts as small as $.0001 USD with 0 fees. (that’s one-hundredth of a penny)
Understand player engagement, retention and behavior.
Topping up your developer balance is as easy as scanning a QR code.