AdBit Launches Earning Program


AdBit appreciates your contribution to community – it’s your community. So AdBit reward you for your contributions, your content to #LoveAdBit forum. Please notice that –

  • All bonus and reward payments will be made to your AdBit account once a week with the sole purpose to help AdBit to improve its services.
  • This is a pilot program that can be canceled at any time upon the feedback and experience AdBit receive. With your registration your are accepting this terms and conditions.

Here is how earning program works and you can earn your Bitcoins and Satoshis.

Adbit features anonymous auction based pricing for advertisers (like Google Adsense), and supports Bitcoin payments for both advertisers and publishers. Also gives free satoshi every hour to start advertising. Visit Faucet here.

Step 1: Verified Member & Bonus

To earn your “Verified Member Bonus” you have to do the following actions:

  1. Register with #LoveAdBit Forum with your AdBit Email address, WordPress or Twitter.
  2. Complete your #LoveAdBit Forum profile including your avatar (use or upload a picture) and your social media contacts. You need to have at least one social media account for a verified profile.
  3. Write a first blog post introducing yourself and/or your website and why you are here. A few sentences will do, in your native language if you want, doesn’t have to be English.
  4. Apply for the “Verified Member Bonus” with the application form.

That’s it. We check your application and your blog post. As soon as we approve your blog post we credit the “Verified Member Bonus” to your #LoveAdBit Forum account.

Terms of Payment for Verified Profile Bonus

As soon as we approve your blog post we credit the “Verified Member Bonus” to your #LoveAdBit Forum account. Your #LoveAdBit balance will be transferred once every week (Tuesday) to your AdBit account and can be spent for advertising or withdrawn.

Step 2: Activity Rewards

Once you are a verified member you can earn your Bitcoins in #LoveAdBit community. AdBit reward you for your ongoing contributions to the #LoveAdBit Forum.

AdBit reward you for every approved an published blog post, for every topic you generate, for every reply and other activities that you do or receive from others. Please have a look into Activity Reward Table to find out which activities are rewarded with how many Satoshis.

Such easy. go ahead, become an active member of #LoveAdBit and earn your money.

Please notice

  • Be careful when posting, commenting, replying. AdBit Forum want to have quality. Spamming or low quality may lead to the suspension of your “verified membership”.
  • Post only your own opinion and your personal thoughts that have not already been posted on other places. We want to have high quality content here in the AdBit forum. Please use links when referring to other blog posts and websites.

Terms of Payment for Activity Rewards

Payment is done once a week every Tuesday for the previous week.

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